Monday, December 10, 2007

Usplash, Sabayon, Gdm Screen and Local USB Mounting

A) Usplash
The usplash was giving resolution problem.
It was fixed by changing the /etc/usplash.conf file and setting
cat /etc/usplash.conf

B) Sabayon
Now originally the client were successfully logging in, but after sometime they stopped working, it was strange but after debugging and following links below, i found that edubuntu and sabayon (gnomes configuration editor, or sth...)

The discussion links have been posted here exactly my problem

then it forwarded to sth ssh related, update ltsp ssh keys

in the last link, there was option to simply remove sabayon and well guess what? it worked perfectly!!!
sudo aptitude remove sabayon

I was glad that there wasn't much dependencies related with sabayon.

B.1)Sabayon - HowEVER!!
I reinstalled sabayon watching so many cool stuffs about it on the net. All i needed to do was to add the users/client to the profile and done!!

C) GDM Screen Resolution PRoblem
The server was giving problems with bad gdm login screen, was fixed easily by reconfiguring the x-server
sudo dpkg-reconfigure -phigh xserver-xorg

D) Local USB Mount missing!!
Asked about it in #edubuntu in and got this link
and scanning for the fix, got to this place,

The modifications i made as mentioned in the mailing list above are
a) comment out
env['DISPLAY'] = 'localhost:10.0' to # env['DISPLAY'] = 'localhost:10.0' in

b) in file /opt/ltsp/i386/usr/share/ldm/rc.d/S10-delayed-mounter,
add a -X line to ssh connection string like this
ssh -X -S ${LDM_SOCKET} ${LDM_SERVER} "/usr/sbin/ltspfsmounter ${DIR} add"

c) finally update the ltsp image by executing
sudo ltsp-update-image

Good work for today

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