Saturday, December 15, 2007

LTSP Training of Trainers: Day 1

LTSP Training of Trainers finally kicked off today.

It was a cold morning, but everybody was on time. The excitement was simply overwhelming. The program was supposed to start at 9:30am, but you know, some technical difficulties and yadee yadee yadaa, the program finally started at 10:30am! But so far so good, we shortened the initial FOSS and LTSP intro stuffs, and we were back on track..

The trainers and the gonna-be-trainers

Today it was all about Linux fundamentals more than LTSP stuffs. So according to schedule, it was Linux installation, some fundamentals on shell and linux commands and brief Linux networking stuffs. But since the selection of the participants was based on their Linux expertise too, it wasn't hard to make them understand. Some of them were even already familiar with the stuffs that were on the topic.

We all know one single day is not enough to understand even the fundamentals of Linux, but hope it gave the trainees a good snapshot of everything. Hope they're gonna practice more of it at home too..

Hope it was a great start for the first day. Tomorrow we're gonna go into the real LTSP stuffs.. Good luck everybody! It's gonna be fun..


kennyNkyle said...

It was a fabolous session today. Hardwares are the major bottlenecks and we should have done better preparing beforehand, but tomorrow's everything's should infact perform as it should.

I hope tomorrow's session is gonna be better.

Cheers to everyone who came today.

masQuerade said...

This is awesome. It feels good to see a team dedicated to represent a revolutionary attitude in the field of Technology, Social Aspect and in the major goals that an organization like Help Nepal Network(HeNN) puts its efforts on viz- education and health.        
It was an amazing experience when I used to be a volunteer/trainer for LTSP deployment at Bhaktapur,Nepal. However, its a sort of disappointment that I am not present in this golden moment.     I could see one of the teachers while we were in Bhaktapur and a team representing HeNN there along with me. This is sensational. At this instant, I just want to mention two important things. First, what I am feeling when I am not being able to be presented there is ..... and Secondly, I wish all the good lucks that exist and are about to appear, to the second generation volunteer pool.            
Great jobs.     And as said usually, Great People do not do different things but do things differently.        This applies here too.

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